How good intentions can go awry

Posted: October 6, 2010 by Jender in good intentions gone awry

I am a single woman. In 2004, I was hired by an all-male department; two men were hired at the same time as me. The department was very welcoming to all of us, but the welcome was shown in different ways. One of the new men was invited by an older faculty member in his research area to come over to his house, watch basketball, and talk. They quickly formed a friendship. The other man was invited out for beer by several older men in his research area, and was also invited to regular poker games with male faculty from closely related departments. He formed a research collaboration with several of these men. I was invited by families to enjoy a family dinner. Because of the presence of young children and non-philosophy spouses, shop talk was not appropriate. I’ve never been invited to an informal one-on-one talk about shared research interests by anyone in my department, so I haven’t received the kind of informal mentoring that can be so helpful to a junior faculty member.

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