What was it like to be Philippa Foot?

Posted: October 7, 2010 by Jender in Uncategorized

from the Telegraph’s obituary of Philippa Foot:

She was born Philippa Ruth Bosanquet on October 3 1920, the daughter of a British industrialist and his American wife (who had been born in the White House because her father — Grover Cleveland — was at the time President of the United States). The Bosanquets lived in a large country house in the north of England, and belonged to a social milieu in which the education of girls was not a priority.

Philippa was sent to St George’s School, Ascot, and though “almost wholly uneducated” by her own estimation, succeeded, through taking a correspondence course, in securing a place at Somerville to read PPE. On hearing that she was to “go to college”, a family friend remarked, after a shocked pause: “Well, never mind, she doesn’t look clever.”

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