Surely the serious harassers have been forced out by now

Posted: October 11, 2010 by Jender in sexual harassment

Early in my career, one of our grad students had a campus visit at my old grad school, not in my department, but in a closely related one housed across a large open area from my own department. (This is important to the story.) She was sexually harassed in a most outrageous manner. A professor took her to dinner alone and proceeded to argue with her for a half hour about how she ought to sleep with him. She filed a complaint. The hearing officer assigned by the state contacts me. I report many first-hand stories from my time – such as hearing – from my department, across that open space – him yell out comments like “Good morning x (the secretary); I see you still have tiny tits”. I also relayed lots of first hand stories of him showing up for class drunk, making inappropriate comments to graduate and undergraduate studnets, etc. Further I put the officer in touch with numerous former grad students, several of whom went on record with stories of outright sexual blackmail and other forms of harassment.

Nothing of substance was done to the professor and he continues to “teach”.

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