Yeah, I only agree with people I’ve slept with

Posted: October 14, 2010 by Jender in sexual assumptions, sexual innuendos

Recently, a bunch of us went out for drinks one evening during a very interesting philosophy meeting. It was the usual situation, me and about six guys. One of them started railing against my dissertation advisor’s work, work which I think is very good. So, I spoke up, defending my advisor’s arguments. A guy across the table put down his drink, leaned forward and said loudly with a twinkle in his eye, ‘It sounds like you’re really into him, maybe a little somthin’ somthin’ going on…” I replied with my sweetest voice, “I’ve seen you defend your advisor’s research in print, what was it like f@cking him?” He didn’t laugh. That is the trouble with these non feminist men, no sense of humor whatsoever.

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