“Women get all the jobs”

Posted: October 16, 2010 by Jender in women get all the jobs

I’m a graduate student who will be going onto the job market in the next year or so. Every time there is an event involving the entire department, I hear remarks about how men have a particularly tough time on the job market because all the jobs go to women…obviously due to discrimination against men. I hear it in the official department job market meeting. I hear it at the department picnic. I hear it after our conference. I hear it from grad students. I hear it from senior male faculty. One time, the wife of a grad student asked me about it. I’m so sick of hearing it, because it’s totally unsupported bullshit. It needs to stop. I’m a male graduate student, by the way. Given that I attend a Leiter-unranked institution, I’ll probably have difficulty on the job market. But I’m not going to let this sort of nonsense go unchallenged when I hear it.

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