It’s gone pretty well for me

Posted: October 22, 2010 by Jender in Do try this at home!, Good news, sexual harassment

I was a philosophy undergraduate in the mid-1990s and I have to say that I was only encouraged by my experience (hence why I went on to post graduate study and now lecture in the subject). Saying that, the first time I met my tutor he spoke mostly about cricket. When he found out that I quite liked the game and had played it a bit, he asked me if I wanted to join their departmental team as their student representative (I think departments were only allowed to field one student). I was really honoured that he asked me. It was a great experience as I got to know all the lecturers much better than I would have otherwise done (and they recognised that I was a better player than most of them!).

The worst thing that I’ve experienced is being nominated for executive positions because they want to get a better representation of women on board. Much as I appreciate the goal, I feel slightly disparaged by the thought that they’re asking me because of my sex not what I can offer in terms of relevant skills.

No I tell a lie, the worst thing that happened to me was at a conference a couple of years ago where some drunken sleazebag decided to pin me against a wall and grope me as he walked past me on his way to the toilets. Fortunately, another delegate saw and pulled him off. Fortunately too, when the organising committee found out, they asked if I wanted him expelled from the organisation (quite rightly).

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