Posted: October 24, 2010 by Jender in Uncategorized

My department hosted a conference on an area in which few women work, though the women who work in the area are well-respected and considered among the best. One of them (‘X’) was the organizer, and there aren’t enough women working in the area to satisfy the gender ratio X wanted for the conference. So, she invited a woman (‘Y’) who doesn’t really work in the area, but is an excellent philosopher working in a somewhat related area. At the time, my department was in the early stages of considering making Y an offer, which I had been pushing this for some time, as her area is also my area. But after hearing Y’s (not so great) talk at this conference, we decided against it.

Had Y not been asked to give a talk outside of her area in order to satisfy a gender ratio that X wanted, and had my department’s first experience with Y been at her job talk in her area, I think it likely that we would have made Y an offer.

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