Good thing I’m not hot anympore

Posted: October 24, 2010 by Jender in bullying, Good news, objectifying women

It wasn’t fun as a woman in philosophy (graduate school late 80s, first job mid 90s), especially in my field (language and mind). No women professors, few women colleagues (one, and venomous, alas), etc. But…having held it together through the creeps, freaks, weirdos, patronizing incompetent ego-maniacs, and hysterics, I found myself writing and researching in an area that is populated by very few, very smart people. All men. All about 20 or more years older than me. Wasn’t my original AOS but it was related. I had an idea, followed it up, and found myself defending it and its developments to these guys, all of whom had been doing it since I was in college. They have been supportive, constructively critical, friendly, warm, and (can I say it again) supportive. No weirdness. No creepy innuendos. No bullshit.

I think about it sometimes when I get home after a conference where we’ve been duking it out on the finer points of topics in this AOS. Why couldn’t they have been on my dissertation committee? The one that refused to pass my work (even after I published 2/3 of it in a major philosophy journal)? Why couldn’t they have been my teachers? My early colleagues? I tend to think of my career as (cf. above) having successfully navigated–at some cost–the miserable losers that tried to take me down along the way. Imagine having interested, mature, non-dysfunctional teachers and colleagues instead?

One of my friends from graduate school says “Well, you were pretty hot in your 20s. Now you’re in your 40s, not as hot”. Oh SNAP!

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