Serial sexual harassment

Posted: October 26, 2010 by Jender in sexual harassment

At the institution where I got my M.A. the Director of Graduate Studies was noted for being a sexual harasser. Women grad students would go to his office together for protection. Years later, I got a job teaching at the same institution. Though no longer DGS, he was still actively harassing. For years he invited me out for drinks, to his house to watch videos, etc. The year I was up for tenure and promotion, I went through a major depression (go figure). He wangled his way into a lunch on a Saturday, picked me up at my apartment, and proceeded to kiss me. Years later, he inappropriately touched a colleague’s wife at a department picnic, and became famous for making remarks about aphrodisiacs to women at department events. Finally, it became known that a chairman had received complaints from undergraduate students about sex for grades during the 1980’s. This man is now retired, but the institution never took effective action against him, despite a visit to the HR department from two senior women (myself included) and a department chair. More recently, he posted a letter of attack against me on another faculty member’s blog. I saw him in the department office last week.

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