We can’t hire a feminist

Posted: October 26, 2010 by Jender in feminism isn't philosophy

The year I was on the job market, I commented on an APA paper and met up with the presenter at that night’s smoker for a collegial drink. He informed me that he knew I had applied for a job at his institution, and that his department had seriously considered my application because they were under a lot of pressure from their administration to hire a woman. I asked him why they’d chosen not to interview me and he explained that they couldn’t possibly hire a feminist because theirs was a very small, friendly department where everyone got along quite well and a feminist would’ve ruined the collegiality by being angry all the time. He also explained that feminists only publish in “fake” journals like _Hypatia_ (which he mispronounced)–this despite his knowing that one of my publications was in _Hypatia_.

What honestly shocked me the most was that this person clearly thought of himself as a nice, friendly guy and had no clue how insulting he was being.

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