Mentoring and friendship, and suspicion

Posted: November 2, 2010 by Jender in Uncategorized

It was in 2004, and I was a new grad student and gave a presentation at a joint seminar between two universities’ philosophy departments. Afterwards, we always go out for a few beers. The soon to be retired professor from the other university gave me a piece of advice there: he said that in my paper, I had marked the places where I was uncertain. Women often do that, he said. He was right – I saw that immediately afterwards. And his advice has helped me very much.

At the same time I know that if I were more suspicious towards older professors and their motives, I would not have been able to take in his advice. Since then, this older professor has become my friend and unofficial supervisor. And I know that people will look at us funny when we talk and walk together. _That_, I think, is the problem.

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