A transformed department

Posted: November 3, 2010 by Jender in Do try this at home!, Good news

Graduate students at the University of Oregon had very similar stories as these, and much worse, to tell some 15 years ago. The University got nervous, hired Nancy Tuana as the department chair, and she worked with the faculty to institute feminist philosophy as a primary part of the program. We are the only program in the nation that requires all graduates students to take two courses in feminist philosophy, including men who don’t want to. Institutionalizing feminist philosophy like this was a stroke of genius, and though Tuana moved on, her legacy is appreciated enormously. We have more than 50% women grads most of the time (depending on fluctuations). I have certainly had my own experiences coming up, but I can’t say how happy I am to teach in this department, where now 4 out of 11 tenure related faculty are women, and many of the male faculty members are feminist friendly.

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