Why are there so few professors here?

Posted: November 4, 2010 by Jender in You can't be a professor/lecturer

I am a young female assistant professor. I was waiting at the gate for a flight to the city where a major conference for my field was being held. I saw two other professors in my field, from a different university in the same city. I tried to catch the eye of one of them to say hello; we had both spoken at a small workshop the year before and spoken several times during it. He did not notice me. Instead, he remarked to the other professor that he was surprised to not see any other professors at the gate waiting to go to the same conference. He happened to say this just as he was looking past me – he eyes crossed my location but never focused. Evidently I don’t look like a professor. He was about ten feet away. I decided not to go say hello, and felt inclined to remark that he may not have seen any professors, but it wasn’t because there weren’t any. I did not, however, as I am untenured and he is an important figure in my field.

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