Creating a hostile environment

Posted: November 6, 2010 by Jender in sexual harassment

Having been to many corporate trainings about sexual harassment, I was aghast at what kinds of things my male fellow grad students seem to find entirely appropriate to share. It started with pictures with some sexually explicit interaction with a female mannequin that for some reason has taken up residence in the philosophy department’s student lounge. Then, more recently, I sent out an email suggesting a walking seminar, which had been mentioned at the Feminist Philosophers’ blog. In my email, I happened to include the next post in the digest, which was on an anti-porn campaign started by men. One student responded that he was going to watch some porn now to be prepared for the walk. Apparently, nobody is aware (or cares) that things like this create a hostile environment. Granted the lines between private and public might be a bit more blurry in grad school than in the business world but hostile is hostile.

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