Why did he have to say *that*?

Posted: November 8, 2010 by Jender in insults, trivialising women

(I am male). Recently the NYT, as part of its “Philosopher’s Stone” series published pictures of a dozen Philosophers. The photographer asked his subjects why they had spent their lives in philosophy. The answer each Philosopher provided is revealed by clicking on the picture. One of the Philosophers depicted is Slavoj Zizek (I mention names because this is publicly available knowledge). Part of his statement is: “Philosophy is for me like women: they are impossible, but it is even more difficult without them.” This hackneyed sexist trope is not only egregious, but embarrassing, as the statement is given in a context in which he is portrayed as one of a dozen representatives of the study of Philosophy. He could have said almost anything, and that is what he chose to say.

The link is here.

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