Clear show of support

Posted: November 9, 2010 by Jender in Do try this at home!

When I moved to the school where I now teach, the department was just moving into a new building. The offices varied in size and shape with the “corner offices” (literally) being the nicest. The department had decided that the fair distribution of offices would give 2 corner offices to men and 2 corner offices to women. Given that there was only one other woman in the department, I was moved into a beautiful corner office, even though there were men with (obviously) greater seniority in the department and also greater seniority in the field. I was very moved by the gesture but was also anxious that there would be resentment on the part of some of the men who might have felt they were entitled to the big office with nice windows. Quite the contrary, however, I never heard or experienced any hostility. This was a profound statement of the department’s commitment to equality and their actions have followed suit.

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