Why didn’t they notice the disparity in workload?

Posted: November 9, 2010 by Jender in Uncategorized

I’m an assistant professor, one of two women in my medium-sized department. I always suspected that I was doing more service and teaching work than some of my male colleagues. I am often asked to be on committees that need a female representative, on top of my regular committee assignments. I have also been asked by many female students to lead independent studies, for which we receive no course load reduction. I’m up for tenure this year, and as I was preparing my file I asked to see the file of a male colleague two years ahead of me. I was shocked to see the discrepancy. I’ve done about twice the committee work, five times the number of independent studies, and 50% more teaching of large service classes. He has one more publication than me. The department chair has expressed much worry about my case because of my weak research. I suppose this is my fault for saying yes to things I should have refused. I knew teaching and service counted for next to nothing at this school. And yet I can’t help wondering why my department chair never said anything to me about cutting back on non-research tasks, and never reduced my committee assignments. He and the other senior members of the department see all the files every year when they do annual evaluations. Didn’t they notice the discrepancy?

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