Upcoming hiatus for this blog

Posted: November 23, 2010 by Jender in Uncategorized

We’ve had an enormous flood of stories coming in. We have now have a wonderful, terrible online repository of anecdotes showing a variety of things– the truly horrible sexism and abuse that are still out there in philosophy, the subtler problems and the ways that good intentions can backfire. Equally importantly, though, we’ve also had a flood of stories about good things– which can be found under Do Try This at Home.

We’ve also heard from many people who are overwhelmed by this flood. And it seems to us that it might be productive to take a break from the story-telling for a while, giving people a chance to reflect and discuss the stories that have been told.

Our plan, then, is to stop accepting stories for a while on 10 December. We’re not entirely sure yet what we’ll do at that point– we’re considering a number of options. But we can guarantee you that we will be back, accepting stories again, sometime later in 2011.

So if you want your story to appear this year, do send it in by 10 December!

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