Great way to treat a new hire

Posted: November 24, 2010 by Jender in Uncategorized

In the early 90s I got my first start at a minor state school and was hired at the same time as two people of the opposite gender. I was a one-year lecturer and they were both tenure-track. Neither had any publications while I had several papers in good blind-refereed journals. My new chair told me explicitly that it was only possible to hire me because they were hired. I carried on publishing (in blind-reviewed journals) and succeeding in winning a place to give papers at the APA, while my more senior tenure-track colleagues did little if anything academically. (I also received no faculty funding to go to APA conferences, as was the norm.) At the end of the year I left. I have done well since that time elsewhere. One of the ex-tenure-track colleagues became dean after leaving their spouse to have an affair with a student.

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