“The tide is turning”

Posted: December 11, 2010 by Jender in Good news

I am currently a senior undergraduate philosophy major at a small liberal arts college in the American south, and I wanted to report having had an overwhelmingly positive experience at my school with our philosophy faculty and students. My mentors, male and female, have been consistently supportive and encouraging in my intellectual and human development, and I am grateful to them for treating me with utmost respect and kindness. I have not experienced sexual harassment or intimidation, and I have not been treated ‘less than’ for being a female philosophy student. I realize this is rare and that at some point in my future education I will encounter these issues in a more first-hand way, but for the meanwhile in my formative years I am pleased to report that there ARE legitimately non-sexist departments/professors who are professional, empathetic, and fair. I am very active on campus and in the department with projects (liberal political campaigns, feminist issues, and educational reform) that one might expect Southerners to bristle at– but my cohort and faculty are progressive and give me the best opportunities to succeed. So, to all other female philosophy undergrads: take heart and be strong! The tide is turning.

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