“Just wear a bikini and heels”

Posted: April 12, 2011 by Jender in sexual harassment, sexual innuendos

As a graduate student finishing up her PhD, I went on the job market this last year. As if this wasn’t hard enough, my advisor made it even worse. I was speaking with some of the female faculty members in my department, asking what I should wear to my interviews and job talks and upon hearing this my advisor came out of his office and said I should just “wear a bikini and heels” to the interviews, and that would get me a job. I could tell the other faculty members were offended too, but none of us really knew how to handle it. He continued and said I could also wear dominatrix boots at which point one of the female faculty members joked that if he didn’t stop he would get fired. I then said I had to go and left. Every time I meet with him he comments on my clothing, which is really just female work attire, though I do like to wear heels. I don’t know if he does this because he’s just awkward about how to relate to women or if he really does find women’s clothing and my body interesting enough to comment on all the time.

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