What is it like to be a woman in philosophy in Hong Kong?

Posted: May 23, 2011 by Jender in Maleness of philosophy

I’m a ungraduate in Philosophy in HongKong. In my observation, there seems to be only 30-40% female undergraduates in my department, which totally have 30 students of each year. The amount of students in the department makes the arrangement of the tutorial classes in each courses easier. It seems not to be too less of the female here, but actually all the professors here are male, and in the way of teaching, they tend not to be communicating as much to the female students. On the otherhand the male classmates quite seemed to be treating female’s as “weak”. They have their “own issues”, they deride the girls beacuse they are majority. It makes the situation like the males are stronger than females, and sometimes when females oppose, they just soon say they are feminists. But there’s really something wrong with some of female classmates, as they really dont want to study philosophy, present a lazy and not smart way in learning, let their boyfriend writing their essays, but
it should be the problem for individuals. And I think it has the cause of the learning area, some of them had given up, thinking that is the subject male dominate. More, I see there is only one female philosopher in HongKong,teaching philosophy in University. You can’t imagine how it could be a masculine community of doing philosophy in HongKong. But still a cultural effect, that in Chinese society, even the new generation would not think female as weak, their parents generation would think that, and feel that female should not study too much, should not have a higher level in studing than male. This is a long term effect in education, which causes not many phD or mphil. coming out.

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