Surrounded by child-colleagues

Posted: May 27, 2011 by Jender in harassment

I have a good number of male colleagues. A few of them seem to get a real boost out of saying naughty things when at least some of the females are around. By “naughty” I mean things that I gather they assume that they are not supposed to say (now that there are women around). It can get pretty performative in fact. One colleague likes to step out of his office to say forbidden words very loudly in the hallway. I have tried to figure out what is behind these performances. Is it about trying to make the women around feel uncomfortable? Is it about staking their territory? I really cannot say. But it doesn’t have these effects on me. For me it has the consequence of making me annoyed to be surrounded by people who are so sadly juvenile. I wonder whether they would stop if they knew this?

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