No offense, but you don’t deserve it

Posted: August 2, 2011 by Jender in Uncategorized

When I got accepted into a philosophy graduate program, a guy in my undergrad class (whose male buddies had tried for the same spot and been refused) said, upon hearing the news, “no offense, but I know people who deserve that spot way more than you. They are much more passionate about philosophy than you are.” We had only ever had one philosophy class together – during which he would be reading a book while the lecture was going on, and after break he wouldn’t come back, while I went to every single class and was a pretty active participant, offering (what I thought to be at least) relevant critiques of the arguments being discussed. But what do I know? Obviously he’s in an epistemically privileged position, being a man and all.

Also, in an unrelated note, the shortening of ‘twin earth water’ to ‘twatter’ just irks me.

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