Mentoring (and lack thereof)

Posted: September 21, 2011 by Jender in lack of mentoring

I’m a female grad student. A few years back I forged a friendly mentorship connection with a male professor Z. I was a naïve student initially, so Z’s disinclination to talk about my academic work or my academic career path did not worry me. Instead, Z enjoyed talking about his hobbies and sometimes about his research. To his credit, he often politely asked whether I’m enjoying my classes. Naively, I just assumed that one day this mentoring would turn more “academic.” One time I overheard Z speaking with a male grad student from my cohort. Z told him to identify a promising seminar paper, revise it, then publish; Z was willing to work with him to identify and polish the paper. I knew this student well and, like me, he was a few years away from going on the market.

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