A list of worries

Posted: December 5, 2011 by Jender in double standards, failure to take women seriously, trivialising women

A list of worries I have for female assistant professors…

These worries, which may be a little clumsy, constitute a sort of working list that I stay more or less conscious of. I just keep seeing these issues arise, and have dealt with them first hand in my own case. In every case they echo [stories I have recently seen in discussions on the internet]

Do not coauthor, you will not get credit for your work like a male colleague would.

You are expected to be a good teacher, so the outlier comments on your student reviews will be a focus of your colleagues. They will expect you to satisfy the class entirely, since you are female.

You will not get credit for any invited publications, regardless of where they go. (This happened to me.)

Invited talks will not count.

You will be asked by your colleagues “who you know” when it comes to any invitation. Again, you will not get credit for these like your male colleagues will.

You can gauge the low expectations your colleagues have for your work by their first reaction to news of a publication- what question do they ask? If it reveals the expectation that your publication is in a lower quality venue than it in fact is, then you have an uphill battle. Your tenure packet will need to be much better than it would be if you were similar but male.

The poster sent a follow-up email noting that despite these worries she did get tenure.

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