You must want to know about child-friendliness

Posted: April 19, 2012 by Jender in assumptions about women

I was fortunate enough in this year’s job market to get an offer for a position at a university located in a town in a part of the US that I hadn’t lived in. To help me decide whehter to accept the position, I asked the head of department what it was like to live in that town, to get a feel of whether it would be somewhere that I would want to move to. He replied saying that it is a great place to live, and for reference, sent me a link to a page reporting how the area was one of the best in the country to raise children.

I do not have any children, nor has it ever come up that I was planning to have any in the near future. I’m certain that he meant well, but the presumption that because I was a woman of childbearing age meant that I would be interested in the location for its child-raising properties took me a little aback.

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