“I am fed up”

Posted: May 11, 2012 by Jender in lack of mentoring

I am a female graduate student in philosophy and I am fed up.

I am fed up with my male dissertation supervisors never giving me written feedback on my work, never wanting to read my work (“just describe it to me (over email), please”), and never wanting to meet with me to talk about my work. I have verified that they have good rapport with most of their male graduate students and have given them pages of feedback.

I am fed up with being told by well-meaning female faculty that maybe the reason why I’m having a hard time establishing rapport with my male supervisors is that they “feel awkward” about the women in philosophy “problem” at university and “don’t want to risk anything that could be perceived as sexual harassment”. Is this supposed to make me feel better? Thank you for making me feel like a walking pair of breasts.

I am fed up with men and women never co-mingling during informal departmental activities. What year is this?

I am fed up with seeing my male classmates talk about going out to dinners and drinks and playing basketball with their supervisers, when mine barely acknowledge my existence.

Be friendly – in a way that isn’t lecherous. And mentor your students – all of them. It would go a long way.

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