What’s Wrong With Being Hit On?

Posted: June 25, 2012 by Jender in Uncategorized

I took a couple classes with this professor freshman year, and he was always very supportive of my work, always willing to give me some extra time, both in terms of academic discussion and in terms of not being particular about deadlines (2/3 of which I missed). I wasn’t sure of majoring in philosophy, but he pretty much sweet talked me into it halfway through the second semester, whilst also offering to be my major adviser. I really liked the subject, so I accepted on a whim, and once he signed my declaration, it’s not that he changed, but he became slightly different.

He started to single me out, to hold me back after class and longer during office hours, to employ schoolboy horseplay techniques, and so on. He was a lot older, with family, and I was young and nubile. So rather than getting freaked out, I just took it as the natural order of things that he should act with me as any man would act with a young woman. I wasn’t going to marry him, but neither was male attention ever repulsive to me. And I didn’t have a sordid affair, I was not scarred for life – in fact, he helped me get into a top grad program, connected me with some excellent people in the field (including his own advisor) and wined and dined me more than would be considered decent by your average feminist, but certainly less than philosophy professors engage their male students. Not to mention, he ignited my curiosity for the field, without which I probably would have become an engineer or investment banker.

So my question is, what’s wrong with being hit on?

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