On being a feminist man in philosophy

Posted: September 24, 2012 by Jender in Good news

Hi, I’m a male undergraduate philosophy major, just getting started. I’m a returning student who spent the years between high school and university focused on political activism, much of it around feminist issues. I’m not always perfect but I strive to be conscious.

Anyway, I thought by picking philosophy as a major, I’d be getting away from ‘bro culture,’ especially once I got to grad school and left behind the frat boy marketing majors taking lower-division philosophy courses for their required humanities credits. It’s disheartening to read this blog and see how naive I was being. I’m glad I found it though, as it’s making me feel determined to stay on point about being a feminist ally as I move on in the field. Thank you for helping all of these people share their stories. I’m subscribing to the blog, so that I have a constant reminder of the standards I want to live up to.

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