Stories of harassment being taken seriously?

Posted: June 7, 2013 by Jender in sexual harassment

The recent news of a prominent philosopher having to quit his job because of accusations of sexual harassment is so radical because it seems that philosophers never get in trouble for sexual harassment. I’m a tenured woman philosopher with an excellent job. I’m very well-connected. I have heard tons of detailed stories about sexual harassment that went unpunished, either because the victims chose not to pursue (dangerous and perhaps fruitless) attempts at formal charges or because departments and administrators refused to respond in a serious manner. I have two questions for the philosophical community: do we have stories of philosophers’ harassment being taken sufficiently seriously by universities? Do we have stories of philosophers losing their jobs because of harassment? It would be useful to see anonymized versions of such stories on this blog, if such stories exist.

Send them via the “send a story” link.

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