On employing predators

Posted: June 18, 2013 by Jender in sexual harassment

As a female philosophy major at a small university, there were maybe 30 philosophy majors altogether. Out of those 30 or so, 9 or so were female. Only 1 female professor out of at least 10 total.

One of the creepier male philosophy majors was banned from all student housing because of a sexual harassment complaint from a female under his purview as a Resident Assistant — he was fired from his RA job and banned from all on-campus dormitories. However, not only did that fact not stop the Philosophy Department from ignoring my plea to prevent him from being a department tutor in general, but it also didn’t stop the department from allowing him to continue doing one-on-one sessions with students (both male and female, mostly younger, in-coming freshmen non-majors).

Why? The reason I was given was because the university didn’t officially alert the department, the department could not act to inhibit his “academic pursuits” — as though not being allowed to tutor freshmen girls was going to inhibit his future endeavors. MMMMM’K. Now I work in libraries and dropped philosophy completely… I wonder why?

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