Overlooked women

Posted: June 30, 2013 by Jender in failure to cite/notice

I was at a talk by a very well known male philosopher talking on a subject that is newly popular in general philosophy but had been discussed by feminists some 20 years ago. This philosopher constantly referenced his friend’s (he identified him as a friend) writings from the last five years on the topic. But to my understanding, most of what this friend had said was already written by women in the ’90s. I went up to ask a question about his references, but was cut-off by ‘lack of time.’ So after the Q&A I approached him to ask if he was familiar with the work of A & B philosophers (both women). He said he was. So I asked why he had not cited them instead of his friend. No decent response was given, he told me he thought it was better to cite more recent literature.

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