Better than it used to be

Posted: August 12, 2013 by Jender in Uncategorized

In 1969 when I was a student at UC Berkeley as a Philosophy Major my faculty adviser told me that Philosophy was no place for a woman. When he met with male students he would sometimes meet with them for an hour. I was lucky if I got 10 or 15 minutes. I had to leave college for personal reasons but I returned to school (Humboldt State University) in 1998 and in 2000 I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree. The philosophy department was so much better with women being treated better. Now I am in a Philosophy discussion group (mostly retirees like myself) and the women are equal to the men. I appreciate being able to read about the experiences of other women. Oh and men saying that women can’t handle their style of debate (aggressive, mean spirited and nasty). Well yeah, maybe these guys could learn something from women as to how to have a civil discussion.

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