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Going public with sexual harassment

Posted: January 23, 2017 by jennysaul in sexual harassment, Uncategorized

Message: Below, please find a copy of a letter sent today to Chancellor X of Y University, the members of the Philosophy Department, as well as to several other departments, student organizations, the college newspaper, several of the deans, relevant philosophy blogs, and to a newspaper, regarding the sexual misconduct and abuses of power of Professor […]

Today I (a female grad student) was discussing with my partner (a male grad student) some of the comments Ruth Chang makes about sexual harassment in her recent 3am interview. He was shocked at senior philosophers confessing to Chang that they don’t consider expressing romantic interest in a student to be particularly problematic, as he […]

I no longer work at college level but when I did the professor of Philosophy quite explicitly told me that if I slept with him he would ensure I was looked after as far as my career went. I did not but I know others who did and he did keep his word, they received […]

This is in response to the call for stories of sexism being taken seriously. I’ve posted about this story here before so I won’t get into the details of the harassment. I will say that it was so extreme, I thought everybody must a) know about it, and so b) not care, given that it […]

I’ve faced two large-scale gender-related events in my time as a grad student: the first involved explicit bigotry, and the second involved sexual harassment. While they were extremely different kinds of problems, dealing with both experiences was quite similar: it was incredibly disruptive to my life and made me question whether I wanted to stay […]

Another post in response to this one. At my department, there was this senior professor who was known to prey on young female students. His behaviour was often inappropriate. Many years ago (about 15 years) before I joined this department, one graduate student complained about it and was supported by a faculty member. The complaint […]

This isn’t quite the kind of story the last post is looking for–but it is a story about sexual harassment being taken seriously by individual philosophers. One of my professors has a standing policy that he could not in good conscience recommend some one for a teaching position if they sexually harass their colleagues, or […]

I’m a male grad student at a top institution. We have very few women philosophers in our department and few women students. Recently I heard that a male professor I work with has harassed several of the women in the department. I had heard this allegation directly from an alleged victim a few years ago […]

Consequences of avoiding sexual harassment

Posted: December 10, 2010 by Jender in sexual harassment

Most of the stories on this blog have concerned actual cases of harassment, expressions of bias or discriminatory behavior. But there is another, and perhaps more subtle, kind of professional disadvantage affecting women philosophers: the negative consequences of avoiding situations where we judge (with some justification, it seems) that harassment or discrimination is likely to […]

I was a graduate student in philosophy at one of the top 10 programs in the U.S. in the early 1990s. I was sexually molested by my primary advisor and left the program after two years. It took me a full decade to work up the courage to return to academia. I couldn’t bring myself […]

Serial sexual harassment

Posted: October 26, 2010 by Jender in sexual harassment

At the institution where I got my M.A. the Director of Graduate Studies was noted for being a sexual harasser. Women grad students would go to his office together for protection. Years later, I got a job teaching at the same institution. Though no longer DGS, he was still actively harassing. For years he invited […]

Failure to deal with sexual harassment

Posted: October 18, 2010 by Jender in sexual harassment

A member of the committee responsible for handling sexual harassment complaints at a prominent (Leiter top 10) program in the U.S. contacted me in the fall of 2007. A confidential source had asked him to speak to me about possible sexual misconduct by Prof X, a faculty member in our department. I agreed to meet, […]

I was referred to your interesting website recently and it revived unpleasant memories from my time as a graduate student in philosophy several years ago. I was in my second year of studies at a top philosophy department in the US. I took a course in X that was offered by a very prominent male […]

The recent news of a prominent philosopher having to quit his job because of accusations of sexual harassment is so radical because it seems that philosophers never get in trouble for sexual harassment. I’m a tenured woman philosopher with an excellent job. I’m very well-connected. I have heard tons of detailed stories about sexual harassment […]

I am a gay male at a well-ranked graduate program. Last year a very eminent philosopher joined our faculty. At his welcome dinner he made frequent distasteful and sexual comments about individual female graduate students in front of the entire faculty. He continued to make comments in graduate seminars and at departmental events throughout the […]

Nordic country not a gender paradise after all

Posted: July 12, 2017 by jennysaul in Uncategorized

I came to a nordic country to be a doctoral student last autumn. Amongst other things, I was thrilled to be moving to a country that is known for taking gender equality so seriously. The last thing, then, I expected to experience at work was sexual harassment. This is not what thought it was at […]

Many of my experiences with peers, mentors, and scholars in the field have been extremely positive…faculty and peers are usually highly professional and supportive. But of course, even a minority of negative experiences make a tremendous difference for women in the workplace. Earlier in my academic path, as I moved into upper-level courses with mixed […]

I’m just finishing my first year at a ‘top-ranking’ (whatever that means) PhD program. Before starting this program, I studied philosophy in Canada at two distinct institutions. Never, before coming to this program, have I felt so uncomfortable being a woman in philosophy. Even in situations where I was the only woman enrolled in a […]

Thoughts from an Assault Survivor in Philosophy

Posted: February 28, 2016 by Jender in Uncategorized

Cross-posted from Feminist Philosophers. Over the last few years, the the philosophical community has begun to take public notice of sexual harassment and abuse in our profession. On the whole, this is A Good Thing: It’s hard to address as a profession a problem we pretend doesn’t exist. But, as is so often the case […]

I’m sick of feeling like an imposter in this discipline, and I’m sick of having to work twice as hard as all the guys to get even roughly comparable marks, and I’m sick of being told I should be grateful for tiny changes. So I have some questions I need answered. Why do I have […]