This blog is devoted to short observations (generally fewer than 300 words) sent in by readers, about life as a woman in philosophy. Some of these will undoubtedly be tales of the sexism, conscious and unconscious, that remains. But we hope that others will be tales of ways that improvements have been (or are being) made. Many will be written by women in philosophy. But we hope that not all will be– for others in philosophy also know some important things relevant to what it’s like to be a woman in philosophy. They know, for example, what men in philosophy say to each other when the women aren’t there.

We invite everyone to contribute. But we also ask you to observe our policies.

This is a project of the Women in Philosophy Task Force. It is in part inspired by the excellent My Fault I’m Female. One of the editors, Jender, is also part of another blog, Feminist Philosophers.

We also have a shiny new blog, What We’re Doing About What It’s Like, devoted to efforts to improve things for women in philosophy.