Our policies

We aim to create a collaborative environment in which everyone feels comfortable, safe and respected.

The editors are responsible for deciding which stories to publish and whether stories require editing. Our decisions will be final. You will sometimes not agree with them, but we ask that you respect them nonetheless. A blog like this cannot function well without editors, and we can’t edit if we have to enter into elaborate justifications of every decision (we’re doing this in our spare time, after all).

Any negative stories should be told without any identifying information. Story-tellers should refrain from the use of abusive expressions of any sort (though it may be necessary to mention these in stories). Humour is encouraged, and bile is sometimes necessary. (Extra points will be given to those who combine these in an interesting or original way. Or they would be, if we had points to give.)

Do note that it may sometimes take a while for us to publish your stories– this is partly due to the fact that we’re busy, and partly due to a desire to stockpile a few for slow days!